Versace Yellow Diamond 90ml


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Versace Yellow Diamond 90ml

Yellow Diamond is a perfume that enchants with its Bergamot, Citron of Diamante, and noble Neroli with Pear Sorbet.

The heart celebrates femininity, expressing itself with Jasmine petals and Osmanthus with Orange Blossom and Freesia. The dry down is based on Amber Wood and Palo Santo with Benzoin and sparkling and seductive Musk.

Infinite beauty reflects itself in the transparency of a diamond and radiates all around in beams of crystalline light. Extraordinary yellow light radiates with a fiery intensity and sparkles the way that only a diamond can. An authentic jewel of rare beauty is in Yellow Diamond, a fresh and vivid floral perfume by Versace.


Product Details

  • Top notes: Amalfi Lemon, Pear, Bergamot, and Neroli
  • Middle notes: Mimosa, Freesia, Water Lily, and African Orange flower
  • Base notes: Musk, Guaiac Wood, and Amber


Versace Yellow Diamond 90ml

Like a burst of light, the fragrance gleams and glistens as it opens with notes of bright citron, a fresh pear sorbet, sparkling bergamot, and an accent of neroli.

As its heart emerges, the rare elegance of orange blossom shines through the light of freesia and mimosa with the natural transparency of nymphea. The lingering base notes add a fascinating sense of sensuality with ambery woods, the sunny and vibrant character of palo santo wood, and the refined presence of musk.


About the Bottle:

The bottle is a unique creation featuring the luxury of clean geometry. It’s a design of timeless elegance, an exquisite modern piece of unrivalled beauty. “The color yellow recalls the brightness, sensuality, and great energy of this fragrance, able to depict and emphasize the charm and femininity of a woman” —Donatella Versace




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