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Gender: Unisex

Frame material: Plastic

Frame colour: Black with Red Trim

Lens material: Trivex®

Lens Colour: Mirrored Fire

Category: 3

U.V. Protection: UV400 / 100% protection from UV A & B

Weight: 45g

Fit: Universal – Medium to Large


BOLLÉ 5TH ELEMENT 12069 Special Features:

The 5th ELEMENT sunglasses use the superb, glass-like, B-Clear lens, made from TRIVEX® – a modern material that is lighter and more scratch & impact resistant than polycarbonate.

For High Glare situations, mirrored lenses reflect glare away, before it gets behind the lens.

They feature a ‘floating frame’ design that suspends the single-piece lens between the temples.

Extra-wide field of vision.

Adjustable Nose Pads.

THERMOGRIP® hydrophilic inserts on nose pads and temple tips provide a firm grip.

ANTI-FOG – Imagine you’re in an air-conditioned car & step out in 40-degree heat in Uluru, most lenses will fog, due to the sudden temperature change. These don’t.

OLEOPHOBIC – from the Latin oleum, meaning oil, refers to the physical property of a molecule that seemingly repels oil, like the oil in fingerprints. Actually, there is no repulsive force involved. It is an ‘absence of attraction’.

All BOLLÉ 5TH ELEMENT 12069 sunglasses are non-Polarized, as is recommended for activities that combine speed & distance, such as cycling, skiing, flying, tennis, cricket, etc.

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