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BOLLÉ ANACONDA 11055’s curved arms hug your face to keep your sunglasses right where they belong. This progressive design is perfect for those with small to medium sized faces, looking for a wear-everywhere sunglass that’s extremely versatile and comfortable.

These functional, stylish and economically viable frames are the best choice for athletes looking for an affordable and reliable choice in eyewear.

Part of the BOLLÉ MARINE Range.

Gender: Unisex

Frame material: Acetate

Frame colour: Shiny Black

Lens material: Nylon Polycarbonate

Lens Colour: Polarized Offshore Blue

Category: 3

U.V. Protection: UV400 / 100% protection from UV A & B

Weight: 45g

Fit: Small to Medium

Special Features:

OLEOPHOBIC – from the Latin oleum, meaning oil, refers to the physical property of a molecule that seemingly repels oil, like the oil in fingerprints. Actually, there is no repulsive force involved. It is an ‘absence of attraction’.

HYDROPHOBIC – Hydrophobic surfaces repel water. Hydrophobic molecules in the coating are nonpolar, meaning the atoms that make the molecule do not produce a static electric field.

ANTI-REFLECTIVE – Light reflected on the inside of the lenses can harm your eyes. That’s why a scientifically-engineered, anti-reflective coating is applied to the inside of HD Polarized Bollé lenses.

HD POLARIZED LENSES – Made with polycarbonate, this new lens is a combination of two essential technologies for when the sun is out. HD refers to our contrast-enhancing filter, now available on a great selection of styles. The second ingredient of this lens is polarization technology, which protects your eyes from reflected sunlight. The two components are united in the same lens to create the BOLLÉ HD Polarized lens. You will never have to choose between contrast and polarization again.

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Bollé, designed in France since 1888

Born in 1888 in France, Bollé is the market leading solution for eyewear and helmets.

Globally respected and worldwide distributed, Bollé is known as the most advanced design and creative sport brand, creates trends and pushing industry boundaries.

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