D&G Light Blue Summer 125ml EDT


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Transport yourself to the blissful shores of Italy with the refreshing essence of D&G Light Blue Summer 125ml EDT. This reinvented fragrance captures the essence of an idyllic Italian holiday, where each day brings rejuvenating coastal walks, sun-drenched moments, and lively evenings filled with delectable cuisine, exquisite wine, and endless dancing. Encased in a limited edition majolica print bottle, this fragrance is a tribute to the eternal vacation spirit.

Key Highlights:

  • Base Note: Amber wood adds depth and warmth to the fragrance, evoking memories of cozy evenings by the Italian coast.
  • Middle Note: Cypress brings a touch of green freshness, reminiscent of the lush Mediterranean landscapes.
  • Top Note: The vibrant zest of Sicilian lemon invigorates the senses, capturing the essence of sun-kissed citrus groves.


D&G Light Blue Summer 125ml EDT

Indulge in the essence of Italy with Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana, a woody eau de toilette that encapsulates the spirit of Mediterranean indulgence and endless summer days. Available in a generous 125ml bottle, it’s the perfect companion for your everyday adventures or special occasions.

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