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Rochas Man 100Ml

Bold, modern oriental that brings Haute Parfumerie its first masculine gourmand fragrance.

Rochas Man 100Ml was created by great perfumer Maurice Roucel in 1999 introducing gourmand notes for the first time into the repertoire of traditional masculine scents. The contemporary, creative spirit of this fragrance perfectly reflects the iconic design of its bottle.

Rochas man stirs the senses. The fragrance is a play of contrasts between two opposing olfactory notes – lavender and coffee. A gourmand scent that luxuriously mingles fougère, jasmine, and the softness of sandalwood. It is as irresistible on skin as lightly whipped vanilla cream, a sensual delight. Delicious and intense, this strikingly bold oriental marks a new departure for men’s fragrances.

Product Details

Top notes: Lavender and Bergamot

Middle notes: Cappuccino, Raspberry, Jasmine, Virginia Cedar and Lily-of-the-Valley

Base notes: Vanilla, Amber, Sandalwood and Patchouli

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About the Brand 

Inspired by the freedom of Parisian women, the folly of his artist friends and by his era, Marcel Rochas did not invent a single signature model, but over the years and decades created a unique vision of femininity. A style of femininity that is comfortable, pleasant to wear, and sumptuous to behold. True femininity that women love, femininity that makes them beautiful. Whether that femininity lies in a smart-casual tennis dress (1929) or a black sheath dress with graphic white trim (1931); in an Egyptian figure with wide shoulders, narrow hips and a high waist (1932), or a dress strewn with birds (1934). It could even be in a stunning gypsy-style dress made of multi-coloured muslin or an inimitable mermaid version (1946). And always underpinned by the essential Rochas values: a bold spirit, joie de vivre and elegance.