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Vortex 11412

Shiny Black – Photo Amber Sunglasses

Stand out with a pair of Vortex 11412 Shiny Black Photo Amber Sunglasses from Bolle. With an aerospace inspired design and ultra-durable lenses, this set of shades is guaranteed to outperform the competition. A sleek streamlined shape sits comfortably on the face. The wrap-around frame style keeps loose dirt and debris from getting caught behind the lenses, preventing dry painful eyes and blurred vision. Designed for versatile daily use, the Vortex glasses feature a unique photo filter that adjusts to changing light intensities for improved visibility in any condition. Combine this with an all-purpose amber lens and the result is a reliable pair of everyday use glasses that can handle any environment.

Fit: Medium-large

Photo-amber tinting adjusts to varied light conditions

Wrap-around style offers total optical protection

Bottomless rims offer increased peripheral vision

Blocks 100% UVA, UVB and UVC rays

Lightweight plastic construction for maximum comfort

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