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Why Buy Your Designer Sunglasses & FRAGRANCES From Us?

DESIGNER DIRECT  is everything that’s good about this great country of ours. We’re 100% local, with our iconic store in Bulls and our new location in Taupo. We pride ourselves on our Kiwi hospitality, and no we’re not some global franchise chain that has millions of dollars of marketing budget designed to eliminate small businesses like ours; this is a business that has an untamed passion for sunglasses and perfumes like no other.

And hey, we might be local and small, but we pack a massive punch, stocking over 800 of the best sunglasses and best perfume products across all of your favourite big-name brands, designer labels and high street favourites, along with free delivery and free returns.

Small & Awesome – Support Local NZ Retail

And hey, we might be local and small, but we pack a massive punch, stocking over 800 of the best sunglasses and best perfume products across all of your favourite big-name brands, designer labels and high street favourites, along with free delivery and free returns.

Just in case you still don’t get it, we specialise in selling branded designer products, including fragrances and sunglasses, along with a full range of gift sets. Trawl through our website, you might even find some other designer surprises as to what we stock. 

We Sell Quality Authentic Brands

Our focus is on quality and authentic products. Combined with our knowledge and expertise, we have listened to our customers over the years and sought to become NZ’s favourite choice for all your fragrance and sunglass needs, whether in-store or online. We are forever expanding our ranges, sourcing the products you are looking for, following trends, offering luxury brands as well as making sure we provide that old school bloody-awesome Kiwi customer service.



At DESIGNER DIRECT, we’re constantly adding to our range to bring you the finest, latest releases & familiar classics, from the most prestigious fashion houses in the world, at our trademark competitive prices. Our broad selection is based on what’s hot, what’s been hot & what we predict will be hot. In short, we’re here to increase your hot-ness.

And if you’re not fortunate enough to see us in person in Bulls or Taupo, then you’ll be stoked to know that our on-line store features Premium Brands like CHANEL, DIOR, TOM FORD, GUCCI, JIMMY CHOO, BALENCIAGA, BOTTEGA VENETA, BULGARI, SERENGETI & SWAROVSKI, to name a few.

To our New Customers: “Try us. You’ll like us.”
To our existing customers: “You’re in a very exclusive group, made up of the smartest, most discerning, most well protected & best smelling customers anyone could hope to have! Thanks for your continued support & great reviews!”

What We Do Best

Our newly designed DESIGNER DIRECT website makes shopping for your favourite fragrances and new sunglasses, easier than ever. You can get what you want in 3 to 4 clicks. Pay conveniently with credit card or Afterpay – it’s meant to be easy, so let us know if it’s not. First Class Customer Service is right at the top of our list of things we want to be known for. Did we mention FREE SHIPPING? Oh yeah, it’s free – to New Zealand delivery addresses, nationwide.

Use our website to find your new favourite fragrance or new-season’s Sunglasses. If we don’t have what you’re after, let us know. We’ll tell you if we can source it, how much it’ll be & when to expect it. If we do stock it, compare our prices. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Our Commitment to You, NZ

We strive to bring you the best and fairest price across all of our brands. For quality eyewear and fragrances, we will always try to beat the bigger players in our market but we can vouch that ours is legit, fresh, authentic and comes with free shipping and free returns and a bloody big smile and amount of gratitude for your local support. We’re not kidding and just saying it. We really are grateful. 

Keep in touch

Maybe you have a product enquiry or request, we’re good to chat anytime. For real! Just get in touch with our friendly team now – phone numbers, email addresses and contact forms can be found on the Contact Us page. No query is too small. Between Rob, Mike, Jody, Teresa and the rest of our small but lethal team, we’re ready to help.

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      100% No Quibble 100 day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and we do more

      PERFUME QUALITY MATTERS & free Atomiser

      In the case of sunglass with the wrong size or perfume for any reason, we give you our riskless free return courier.

      Perfume quality matters – we even ensure your perfume quality after purchase with our free travellers atomiser for your bag while your bottle stays home in a cool place.

      Designer Sunglasses – Risk not 1 cent and appreciate that often you have to try them on, we give you our riskless free return courier.  

      Notably that our prices are often huge dollars under our competition we free 30 ml lens cleansers and FREE $39.00 Polarised with every any sunglass purchase.

      PERUME QUALITY MATTERS with FREE 8 ml Atomiser

      The discerning growing market now appreciates that perfumes are perishable goods and not wanting Top Brand perfumes from the bottom of the market. That our prices are well under our competitors, it is where QUALITY MATTERS.

      Heat and light deteriorates perfumes and many cheap platforms with stock from store returns , non climate warehousing, incorrect freight/packing etc. etc.  Never buy perfume from hot shops or under lights. Department Stores (rather than cheap chain stores or sites) often have higher prices  because their perfume is top quality.  Best buying v Cheapest – buyer beware. Caveat emptor.

      At Designer Direct our perfumes are the best QUALITY and BEST BUYING with prices well under our competitors  – we even ensure your perfume says good quality after your purchase. Keep your perfume home in a cool place and use our Free travelers Atomiser for your bag. In a parked car your perfume will be “baked” rapidly.

      FREE 30 ml Lens Cleaner

      30ml Lens cleaner we always send with your order to keep your Sunglasses Lenses clean.  It comes with order Absolutely Free. 

      Zinc, Sunscreen and hair spray kills the lenses so please make sure to avoid to put the Sunglasses up on head while you used hairspray & other hair products.