Featured Brands

Designer Direct is your one-stop-shop for the world’s leading designer brands of perfumes and sunglasses. We’ve made it possible for you to experience the most sought-after designer brands, even the most hard-to-find brands. Our website’s online shopping platform will leave you with no lags and easy navigation. 

Our team of sunglasses and scent experts keeps an eye around the globe to put into our shelves the most beautiful and loved designer brands, thus, keeping our offers and services up to date. So, whether you’re hunting down the classics like Gucci and Saint Laurent or trying to set new fashion trends in your circle, we’re here to help realize your dreams.

Here are the things you can expect from our selections:

  1. Over 100 finest luxury brands across the globe.
  2. Regular update of first-class perfumes and best-known sunglasses.
  3. Designer brands you won’t easily find in NZ.
  4. 100% product authenticity.
  5. Free shipping and free returns.
  6. Fast and reliable delivery in NZ.
  7. Exceptional Kiwi customer service you’ll love.