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What better way to introduce the new Bolle Sport Lifestyle collection than with an iconic new style? Jude brings together chiseled good looks and high-quality polarized lenses to make a statement about this brand’s commitment to always exceeding expectations. If your life demands style and versatility, these glasses are the perfect companion.

The JUDE 11831 sunglasses are part of the Bolle Sport Lifestyle collection. The Jude from Bolle is produced using B88 Nylon, which is the perfect material for sport sunglasses as they are lightweight, flexible and sturdy. The Jude is fine example of master crafted eyewear from Bolle that lasts. No matter how hard the competition may be; these sunglasses can take it, can you?

The lenses used by Bolle in the creation of the Jude sunglasses are polycarbonate and made from premium grade resin. Bolle didn’t cut any corners when producing their top-quality sport sunglass lenses, resulting in a lens that is 20 times more impact resistant than glass and three times lighter! Not to mention the unrivalled precision and clarity that this quality of lens delivers at all times. Also available is the polarized lens option that reduces 99% of glare and shines from all surfaces- perfect for any outdoor pursuit.

The Jude sunglasses from Bollé are available in a variety of different colors, in both frames and lenses. So, if you are looking for sunglasses that you can trust to help you make a statement, look no further than the versatile Jude from Bolle sports lifestyle collection.

BOLLÉ JUDE 11831 Frame tech:

  • B88 Nylon frames
  • B20.3 Polycarbonate lenses

The Bolle Jude are suitable for medium adult faces.

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