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BOLLÉ  5th ELEMENT 12148


Gender: Unisex

Frame material: Plastic

Frame colour: White with Red trim

Lens material: Trivex®

Lens Colour: Clear/Grey

Category: 3

U.V. Protection: UV400 / 100% protection from UV A & B

Weight: 45g

Fit: Universal – Medium to Large


Special Features:

5th ELEMENT sunglasses use the superb, glass-like, B-Clear lens, made from TRIVEX® – a modern material which is lighter and more scratch & impact resistant than polycarbonate.

MODULATOR LENSES – These adjust to changing light, from Category 1 to 2. Most sunglasses are category 3.

They feature a ‘floating frame’ design which suspends the single piece lens between the temples.

Extra wide field of vision.

Adjustable Nose Pads.

THERMOGRIP® hydrophilic inserts on nose pads and temple tips provide a firm grip.

ANTI-FOG – Imagine you’re in an air-conditioned car & step out in 40 degree heat in Uluru, most lenses will fog, due to the sudden temperature change. These don’t.

OLEOPHOBIC – from the Latin oleum, meaning oil, refers to the physical property of a molecule that seemingly repels oil, like the oil in fingerprints. Actually,, there is no repulsive force involved. It is an ‘absence of attraction’.

All 5th ELEMENT sunglasses are Non-Polarized, as is recommended for activities that combine speed & distance, such as cycling, skiing, flying, tennis, cricket etc. 

Made in Italy.