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Serengeti® makes the most technically advanced eyewear available. High-performance Photochromic and Polarized lenses with Spectral Control® are specifically tailored to care for the eyes of drivers and pilots in ever-changing conditions. The products themselves are crafted from the highest quality materials and are styled with an elegance that endures the test of time.

SERENGETI GLORIA 8412 polarized unisex sunglasses. Its most advanced eyewear, photochromatic, special lenses adjust with lighting conditions and provide you a high-definition vision of everything in sight.

Serengeti® case & microfiber cleaning cloth included

Select Serengeti® styles like SERENGETI GLORIA 8412 feature Universal Fit which is a frame technology, designed to fit a wide variety head sizes and facial features.

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About Us

Globally respected and worldwide distributed, Serengeti® is the unique brand able to combine the most advanced eyewear technologies, inherited from more than 140 years of R&D, the Americana culture, and the finest sense of aesthetics, design, and creativity.

With these decades of experience, Serengeti® is justifiably viewed as the world’s most innovative and creative premium eyewear brand.

As a market-leading brand, we aim to constantly challenge ourselves. Serengeti® is born to innovate and redefine market standards.