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The Cébé Jackal CBD001 is designed to provide maximum protection while making you spend the minimum.

The injected nylon frame has enough flexibility to adjust to the contours of your face and therefore provide excellent support.

This support is also the keystone of the excellent support of these glasses on the face.

Whatever the conditions of use, they do not change.

Covering lenses provide good protection against stray light that could infiltrate the sides, between the glasses and the face.

Cébé Jackal CBD001 sunglasses are ideal for medium to large faces.

Cebe Jackal CBD001 Sunglasses are from the Sportactive range of Cebe sunglasses with a wrapped sporty shape and impact resistant lightweight acetate frame with molded nose pieces and polycarbonate lenses.

Frame characteristics:

Injected nylon frame
Ultra covering frame
Wraparound branches
Cébé 1500 Gray lenses:

The Cébé 1500 Gray glass is a variant of the 1500 Brown.

The two glasses share the same characteristics except for the color of the glass which is here gray.

In optics, gray has the advantage of being a neutral color, that is to say that does not deteriorate the colors.

This glass is one of Cébé’s great standards and, in general, a must.

Lens characteristics :

Recommended for use in good weather
Category: 3
Gray base tint
100% UV filter

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