Designer Essence of Leather (U) EDP 100ml


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Designer Essence of Leather (U) EDP 100ml, a captivating fragrance that embraces both the masculine and feminine, has the explosion of scent that releases a profusion of fragrance that has the power to make everything seem more positive. Magically evocative notes immediately awaken your deepest senses, giving you the impression of living life in your own secret garden, away from reality.

Experience the captivating essence of Designer Essence of Leather Eau de Parfum in a 100ml bottle. Allow its enchanting notes to awaken your senses and transport you to your own secret garden. Embrace the positivity and imagination it brings, creating a world of endless possibilities. Whether worn by a man or a woman, this unisex fragrance celebrates individuality and invites you to express yourself freely. Make every day a magical experience with Designer Essence of Leather.

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      We offer NZ’s best prices for a discerning market. Enjoy prices that are a cut above bargain basement and well below department stores. Our fragrances are the genuine article, but it is the integrity or quality of the perfume that matters. There are many reasons why perfumes spoil, often well before they are purchased by the consumer. Heat is the biggest culprit (that we term baked, like wine).


      Many perfume discounters use sea freight for a month or so without climate control in a metal container ( New York to Auckland) plus however long they sit on the dock. At Designer Direct we only use Air Freight. Costly but your nose will love you.


      The cheaper the fragrance, the less of a bargain you’re getting, and the more likely it was stored with a lack of climate-controlled warehousing. Both our NZ stores where we ship orders from have climate control.