RayBan RB3025-003


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RayBan RB3025-003

When it comes to sexy shades, Ray-Ban is the name that first comes to mind.

Ray-Ban has been a leader in the sunglass industry since the brand was first introduced by Bausch & Lomb in 1937. Their signature Aviator style is all over the world and is responsible for the brands overwhelming popularity.


Product Details 

  • Brand: Ray-Ban
  • Gender: Men
  • Type: Sunglasses
  • Frame style: Aviator
  • Frame material: Metal
  • Frame color: Silver
  • Lens color: Blue
  • Width: 62 mm
  • Nose: 14 mm
  • Height: 53 mm
  • Temples: 140 mm


RayBan RB3025-003

Ray-Ban is still manipulating lens colors to provide ultimate protection for the eyes. Grays, browns, blacks and of course mirrors are all featured, making the frames that hold them pop out even more.

You can never go wrong with Ray-Ban when you are looking for a way to look calm and cool while cutting down on the rays. Take a look for yourself and see why this brand has stood the test of time, and came back right on top again.


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