Serengeti Hext SS571002


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The Serengeti Hext SS571002 is a versatile pair of sunglasses that masterfully bridges the gap between dynamic sportiness and sleek aesthetics. Designed for both genders with a medium fit, the Hext offers a sophisticated wrap-around design that ensures superior coverage and protection without sacrificing style. This pair is ideal for the adventurous spirit who also appreciates the finer aspects of design and fashion.

Advanced Features for Optimal Vision and Comfort:

  • Saturn Lens: Equipped with the cutting-edge Saturn lens, the Hext sunglasses boast photochromic capabilities that adjust the lens tint as light conditions change. This ensures clear, comfortable vision in any environment, from bright sunlight to cloudy conditions.
  • Eco-Friendly Nylon Frame: Not only stylish, the Hext’s frame is crafted from eco-friendly nylon, making it lightweight, durable, and gentle on the planet
  • Base 8 Curve: The base 8 curvature of the Hext provides a high-wrap fit that snugly contours your face


Key Specifications:

  • Photochromic Technology: Yes, for automatic light adjustment.
  • Frame Fit: Lens width 65mm, bridge 18mm for a comfortable medium fit.
  • Lens and Frame Material: Saturn lens for clarity; eco-friendly nylon for the frame.
  • Base Curve: 8x for an enveloping fit.
  • Prescription Availability: Customizable with prescription lenses to suit your vision needs.


The Serengeti Hext SS571002 sunglasses are more than an accessory. They are an essential part of your outdoor and lifestyle gear. With their unique blend of functionality, style, and eco-conscious design. These sunglasses are ready to accompany you on every adventure, ensuring you experience the world in unparalleled clarity and comfort.

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