Thierry Mugler Angel Standing Star 100ml


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Thierry Mugler Angel Standing Star 100ml

Mugler’s ‘Angel’ Eau de Perfum is a fresh and sparkling fragrance. Centered around three facets, the fragrance takes the senses on an olfactive journey, meandering through complementary hues.

First, the ‘Luminous’ facet brings a bright yet delicate mix to the scent. The peony and invigorating Mandarin inspire positivity. Almost undetectably, the fragrance dries down to the ‘Ultra Delicious’ layer. The fresh fragrance of Apple is intensified by the nutty hue of Praline, transforming the fragrance into a delightful treat.

Finally, the ‘Velvet’ facet illuminates the perfume. The woody hue of Patchouli brings the fragrance to its musky end.

Product Details

  • Top notes: Peony and Mandarin
  • Middle note: Gourmand Hues
  • Base notes: Apple, Nutty Hue of Praline, Woody Hue of Patchouli

Thierry Mugler Angel Standing Star 100ml

Angel Standing Star invites the woman to be faithful to her dreams, to live fully the present moment, and to overcome her limits.

For the first time, the iconic Angel Star is into a magnificent standing star that captures and diffracts light.

Givaudan has introduced the Sourcing for Shared Value program in Indonesia, which allows them to better control the quality of materials and to develop a responsible supply chain.

The luxe, star-shaped bottle has five points, symbolizing perfection, and is with bright silver metallic elements, echoing the sweet scent within.

Every size of the iconic women’s fragrance is refillable with the sleek, eco-responsible fragrance refill bottle. Indulge in responsible luxury—replenish your star at home and cherish your bottle forever.

Inspired by the universal symbol, the star is the embodiment of dreams in real life—of an infinite world within everyone’s reach, of the infinite possibilities within each mist of the gourmand women’s perfume.

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