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Choose from our Serengeti eyewear collection and elevate your style. They are best for people who have a high fashion sense.

The Serengeti Alghero 8316 Polarized sunglasses are products of innovation and continuous research. They are crafted from high-quality metal to make them light but durable and fashionable but comfortable when worn.

The Oval and Full Rim frames feature the non-slip temple, integrated nose pads, and high-end optical hinges for a secured but comfortable fit. The iconic Serengeti logo is not just for looks but also for proof of authenticity.

They provide 100% protection from harmful UV rays. Some are Serengeti sunglasses polarized for a better image perception.

Thanks to its cat-eye silhouette, Serengeti sunglasses are at the top of femininity and glamour. The shiny and satin finishes combine with the warm color hues to give added sophistication to these cosmopolitan sunglasses.

The amber-colored Drivers lens naturally amplifies contrast and definition. It’s engineered to transmit and distinguish red, green, and yellow colors, so they pop in all environments. This lens provides technicolor sensations of warmth and is ideal for driving because it enhances both color and contrast while lightening and darkening to provide optimal light transmission in any condition whilst the polarized filters cut the unwanted reflected glare.

All Serengeti sunglasses feature industry-leading photochromic technology to lighten and darken the lenses with changing light conditions to provide optimal light transmission in any condition whilst the polarized filters cut the unwanted reflected glare.

Select Serengeti® styles like SERENGETI ALGHERO 8316 feature Universal Fit which is a frame technology, designed to fit a wide variety head sizes and facial features.


About Us

Globally respected and worldwide distributed, Serengeti® is the unique brand able to combine the most advanced eyewear technologies, inherited from more than 140 years of R&D, the Americana culture, and the finest sense of aesthetics, design, and creativity.

With these decades of experience, Serengeti® is justifiably viewed as the world’s most innovative and creative premium eyewear brand.

As a market-leading brand, we aim to constantly challenge ourselves. Serengeti® is born to innovate and redefine market standards.