Gucci Memoire D’une Odeur TSTR 100ml


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Gucci Memoire D’une Odeur TSTR 100ml

Smell is our most powerful sense memory. A waft of fragrance can transport us to the past or in the case of Gucci Memoire D’une Odeur TSTR 100ml, create a marker for new memories.

GUCCI presents the first ‘Mineral Aromatic’ Eau de Parfum, created by master perfumer, Alberto Morillas.

“A scent can gift a moment again, so an experience from the past can be relived in the now,” says Alessandro Michele, GUCCI’s Creative Director since 2015.

“I had to think quite carefully about why Alessandro chose Chamomile. When I started to work with the scent of chamomile itself, then I understood,” Morillas said. “No one had done it before. Chamomile is known all over the world. Everyone has smelt it at some point, but as a dream, a memory of childhood, something timeless, and never in a fragrance. This flower is much underestimated and is a plant with an exceptional olfactive signature.”

Unassigned to a gender or a time, MEMOIRE D’UNE ODEUR is a ‘universal’ fragrance.

Grooved, like a column from the ancient world, the bottle was carefully designed to be neither too masculine nor too feminine; MEMOIRE D’UNE ODEUR can be worn by everyone.

Top Notes: Roman Camomile & Bitter Almond

Heart Notes: Indian Coral Jasmine & Musk

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Cedar & Vanilla


GUCCI MEMOIRE D’UNE ODEUR – Create a memory.

Campaign editorial: Gucci’s new perfume ad, fronted by Harry Styles, is subverting an outdated genre | Grazia (

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