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The Porsche Design is a perfect choice of Sunglasses from the remarkable Porsche Design collection.

By looking at the Porsche Design you can tell Porsche Design does a fantastic job in revealing all the great qualities in these Men’s Sunglasses. The various traits distinctively found adorned all throughout the Porsche Design 8634 are truly fascinating.



Gender: Unisex

Frame material: Acetate, Metal

Lens material: Polycarbonate

Frame color: Brushed brass & smoked brown

Rodenstock Lenses: Grey

Category: 3

U.V. Protection: UV400 / 100% protection from U.V. A & B

Weight: 32 grams

Made in: Italy



These exciting Sunglasses have a compelling arrangement of remarkable features. The round shape gives that true classic and traditional look. If you’re looking for something that’s compatible with bi-focal or progressive lenses, then you’ve found it. The eye size of this item is 52 millimeters. Composed of metal like nickel, Monel, or stainless steel to help give some durability and relative overall strength. Black is the most common color seen in the dark. It is fully rimmed along the edges to give a sense of completeness, lens security, toleration, and absolute style. It’s nature’s color for water and sky. between black and white in color. The width of the bridge of this frame is 20 millimeters. Metallic gray but livelier, more playful. Polarized lenses remove nearly 100% of surface glare from the environment around you, and are highly recommended for all outdoor activities. A sporty look for an active lifestyle.


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About Us

Porsche Design follows a clear design philosophy: optimize function. Reduce the form right down to the essentials. Overcome the familiar to continually discover new and exceptional solutions. The vision that inspired founder Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche to create the legendary Porsche 911 is built on the same principles that have driven Porsche Design since 1972.

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